Abram Speaks

The amount of development needed for this album is daunting indeed, but with zero deadlines, why should I worry?

Let’s just keep moving.

I decided that it was time for some lyrics, so I started with the part of the story that started this whole thing: Abram killing his beloved wife.

There is so much emotion in this.  Abram is confused, sad, but committed.  And although his wife is sleeping, I decided to give her a voice in the song as well.

Blood and Banjos’ first ever lyrics are below!  Blue is Abram, pink is his wife, and black is both of them harmonizing together for the chorus.

I know we’ve had a good life, but your time has come
I can’t let you give birth to the devil’s son
I don’t know what you mean, dear, but you’re clearly drunk
Hush, hush, oh my darling my work’s almost done

I know we’ve had a good life but why should it end?
Why must heaven and hell take my dearest of friends?

Where did it come from this wretched idea in my head?
How do I tell the lies from what the good lord has said?
Why must you trouble my darling, come join me in bed
That would be lovely, my dear, but you’re already dead

I know that we’ve had a good life but why should it end?
Why must heaven and hell take my dearest of friends?
Come lay with with me for awhile and we’ll count the stars
With the children asleep this night could be all ours

I didn’t want to focus on the act, so much as the relation between Abram and his wife.  They are still young and in love, making this sadder still.  In the first verse, she calls him dear and he calls her darling.  This is reversed in the second verse.

Notice the amount of questioning going on throughout the song, showing Abram’s doubt.  He also has trouble letting go, as seen in the second chorus. This will all change later in the album though, when Abram decides to own his task and take things into his own hands.

Alright, enough of my ranting, do you have any thoughts?  It may be difficult without the music, but I’ll get on that soon.

Next week I’ll take a crack at singing this song and posting it for you.  Fair warning though, I am no lead vocalist!

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3 thoughts on “Abram Speaks

  1. You have the basic skeleton of the album laid out, some music, lyrics, people to play different instruments. Seems like it is coming along pretty well.

    As far as you not being a lead vocalist, there are lots of bluegrass vocalists that are pretty rough in many ways. It just goes with the music so go for it.

    • blood and banjos says:

      thanks for the encouragement! we’ll see what I can whip up. it will just be a rough draft at this point, especially since I’m not sure I want to take the part as Abram himself…

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