From Story to Album: Tracks 6-10

Not a bad start, but now we need some more action, and a good climax and resolution.

We return to our saga the morning after Abram’s transformation.  His work did not go unnoticed, and the town soon learns his crimes.

Track #6

The town courier returns downtown after an early morning delivery to Abram’s house.  He never made the delivery, though, as he witnessed Abram dispose of his wife and dig a grave for his children. The town is deeply disturbed, and a leader emerges from the crowd.

This leader decides that a lynch mob is in order, and motivates everyone to storm Abram’s property that very evening.  The song ends with them chanting something as they fade out into the distance.

Track #7

Back on Abram’s estate, he is singing as he finishes a large monument in honor of his family and Jesus’ word.  He notices a crowd coming up his drive and there is confrontation between him and the lynch mob leader.

Scouts have already stolen Abram’s axe, but Abram is completely dedicated to his new purpose.  Should the mob not stand down, he swears to kill them all with his banjo, and then go to work on everyone left in the town. A battle ensues.

Now, I don’t have music or lyrics yet, but for some reason the words “100 MURDERS, 5 STRINGS” come to mind.  I think I’ll keep them…

clearly, i’m a photoshop expert

Track #8

After what will be a whirlwind of death metal electric guitars, we’ll go into one last instrumental.  This song will represent Abram’s rampage through the town, and the heaven’s lamenting response.  Hm, I suppose I’m gonna need a chorus of “angels.”

Track #9

Abram returns home to find that his wife has been resurrected and has given birth!  There is another duet, and his wife tries to convince Abram to raise the son.  He entertains the thought, but realizes that she has been turned evil. He breaks his banjo over her, killing her at last.

He is then left with the newborn, and must kill it with his bare hands to fulfill his task.  But he cannot. The boy is the only family he has left, and Abram gives in to mercy for the child.  He decides to raise it.

Track #10

This will be the closer: a song about the impending doom and certain apocalypse.  At this point, Abram doesn’t care that his son is the spawn of Satan, he is going to do whatever it takes to make the boy happy.  If there is any song that will be completely metal on the album, this will be it.

Well, there you have it. Now we have a good starting point for lyrics! Though it looks like I’ll have to do some more recruiting as well… Progress continues though, so that must be good!

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