From Story to Album: Tracks 1-5

We have a complete story. Great.  Still lots of work though. Our next step now is to divide the plot into logical pieces that are appropriate for individual songs.

The challenge here is to break up the story into coherent sections. Each song must have a consistent theme and cover important developments along these lines. However, we can’t bog down the lyrics with too much storytelling (we can’t have 20 tracks either.)

I think I’m going to aim for 10 tracks total, including a few instrumentals, though that’s not final.

Here are descriptions of the first 5.

Track #1

This has to be an instrumental intro track, obviously. Something to set the tone and introduce blackgrass to the listener. This will be much like the opening overture to your typical musical stage production.

but please don’t ever compare Blood and Banjos to RENT…

Track #2

Abram is drinking and playing banjo alone by the fire, and is soon joined by The Apparition (Satan posing as Jesus.) They go back and forth singing and discussing the Apparition’s claim that Abram’s wife is pregnant with the Antichrist.

This song will end with Abram committing to doing “God’s work,” and leaving the fire to kill his sleeping wife.

Track #3

This song will be an emotional duet between Abram and his wife. Abram is hesitant and sad, yet still goes through with it. I’m thinking that if any song will feature solely bluegrass, this will be it. I already have ideas with the “insert banjo” song that I posted earlier.

Track #4

Abram is morally overwhelmed, and is starting to lose grip on reality. This song will represent his change from sane to bat shit crazy. He takes his duties to the next level and butchers his sleeping children. Abram has completely lost it, however, he does have renewed purpose in his life! We all need something…

Track #5

I’m thinking a short instrumental or a choral piece would go well here to take us elsewhere in the story. Perhaps even some third person narrative. We’ll see!  If we ever bring some piano into the project, this will be the spot.

So, there is half of the album! Well, music aside

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4 thoughts on “From Story to Album: Tracks 1-5

  1. Looking good so far!! Did I mention I love the story so far!
    And a stage production would be an amazing thing. I’d jump on a plane to the states to see that 😉

  2. Interesting project. I have been thinking about doing something similar to this. You should check out Slaughter of Bluegrass. Not quite the same, they do bluegrass covers of black/death metal instead of making a hybrid, but maybe they would help with inspiration.
    Also, I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

    Rules and pic:

    • blood and banjos says:

      Thank you! And a couple people have also pointed me to SOTB, I think it definitely warrants a future post.

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