Who Says Bluegrass Isn’t Metal Already?

Alright, folks.  I must apologize for my lack of content this week.  I’m in the middle of moving, and you know how that goes

In the meantime, please enjoy this video. It is fantastic for several reasons.

First off, this guy’s hair.  It’s incredible.

Besides that though, this music actually shows quite a few similarities to metal.

Firstly, the musicians are just shredding it.  Especially Bill Monroe, who is none other than the father of bluegrass.  The music is mostly in a minor tonality, has a fast tempo, and a good intensity.

Check out the guitar solo at 3:03.  An important note to make is that acoustic guitar strings are stiffer and more spaced than electric guitar strings, making it slightly more difficult to play quickly.  I’m sure this guy would just kill it in a metal band.

Finally, if you’re not convinced, check out minute 4:20.  Is that not the most metal stance you’ve ever seen a mandolinist take?

The Father of Bluegrass and this guy have more in common than you might think.

Anyhow, I thought the song was pretty rockin…  See if you can find other similarities between bluegrass and metal, and let me know!

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