Southern Metal Influence

As I previously had warned, I’m likely to bring some southern metal into this project. What is southern metal, you say?  Well, take southern rock and make it a more intense, more technical, and add more screaming vocals.  There you go.

Some of the most renown bands in this genre include Every Time I Die and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster (or The Jonbenét, if you’re into southern hardcore instead.)  Other bands such as He is Legend and Memphis May Fire used to have a good hold on it, but have definitely dropped out with their more recent albums.

Here’s a good tune from my favorite band, Every Time I Die.

So I’m a big fan of southern metal, if you couldn’t tell.  Maybe it is apparent in this rough sample, which starts off with a metal riff before going cold turkey into a more bluegrassy progression.  I keep the progression going extra long so I can think about melodies and vocals for the future.

Again, I promise sound quality will get better than this.

So let’s break this down. It starts out with fast paced riffage that will likely warrant screaming vocals.  It’s a far cry from black metal, but that’s not a deal-breaker. I think southern metal provides a good bridge between black metal and bluegrass, but I’ll try to avoid sounding too much like my influences.

Anyhow, I found a way to flow from the riff straight into a more folk-sounding progression.  Right now it’s still recorded with electric guitar, and probably doesn’t come across as very bluegrassy. I think if this is going to be usable, we’ll have to rely on the instrumentation to bring it to proper bluegrass stature. Getting this to the right level of black metal is another issue though, but the theme may help us out…

I’ve decided that I’m not throwing this guy out, but he needs quite a bit of work. Your thoughts?

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