Solidifying a Storyline, Part 2

Alright, so we left off with Abram killing his wife and kids. We haven’t specified the exact location or era of this story, but I’m still pretty sure this is illegal.

Anyhow, the town courier makes his way to deliver some mail to Abram’s residence the next morning, and discovers what has transpired over night. (Perhaps he witnesses Abram hacking his wife and discarding her into the well.) Aghast, the courier runs back into town to report what he has seen.

she chose down

Of course, his story earns much attention on Main Street, and the town leader quickly rallies everyone together. He decides they are going to hang Abram that very evening.

They storm Abram’s property, but not before sending a scout in to steal his axe.  There is a verbal confrontation, and Abram explains that his mission is a divine one, and they should not stand in his way.  When they persist, Abram threatens to kill them all (including the remaining townspeople) with naught but his banjo.

And guess what, folks.  He totally does.

It’s an awesomely violent battle, and we’ve got a front row seat… except we can’t see anything… because it’s a music album.

After taking care of the lynch mob, Abram ventures downtown to finish off the populous.

…and the heavens lament.

Once he is satisfied with his work, Abram returns home to rest. To his surprise, he finds his wife resurrected and holding a newborn baby.  A duet ensues, of course.

His wife has obviously been converted, and attempts to persuade Abram to raise the son.  Abram is convinced for just long enough to kiss his wife one last time, before breaking his banjo across her skull. She is gone for good.

Abram is left with his newborn son, or rather Satan’s newborn son. His entire mission has been about preventing this from happening, and now he must fulfill his task. His banjo broken and axe elsewhere, Abram decides to do it with his bare hands.

He holds up the child, looks it in the eyes, and realizes that this boy is all he has left.  His family and friends are gone, and Abram would be completely alone without his new son.

So he lets the boy live.

Together they bring about the apocalypse to the tune of dueling banjos!


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