<Insert Banjo>

I have to confess, the last time I posted music may have been a bit misleading.  Though it was still pretty rough, the first drafts recorded when writing an album are typically much worse. They’re quick, they’re dirty, and the instruments are all over the place trying to figure out what parts sound good together.

Usually when an idea comes to me, I grab the first recording device I can get my hands on and make it permanent.  There is nothing worse than forgetting an awesome riff or chord progression.  (I could probably write another three albums with all of my forgotten music…)

One such event happened the other evening, so I recorded using my laptop’s built-in microphone.  I promptly sent the file to Patrick to get his input on the 5-string banjo, and he delivered.  It’s just a repetitive guitar picking pattern and has zero metal influence, but I think it has potential.

Again, this file is not produced or mixed in any way. It’s laden with mistakes, and I’m pretty sure you can even hear cars going by in the background…  I wanted to present it to you though, because this is really what we do in the early phases.  Someday when we have a well-produced and mixed product, it will be fun to go back and listen to these shitty cuts…

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “<Insert Banjo>

  1. I love the vibe- and I love the fact that it IS “rough”… its the blood sweat and tears of music… ;o). Great stuff!

  2. I like it. IMO something along those lines would make an amazing first/intro track before you surprise everyone with the heavy. Things are looking bright. Thanks for the update, your words on all these posts are always entertaining too!

    And damn I need to learn me some banjo, but alas I suck at fingerpicking (yes I know practice practice practice, but to me sweeping is easier to pull of than fingerpicking lol)

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