Solidifying a Storyline, Part 1

I’ve been thinking about how this story will pan out, and have bounced a few ideas back and forth with the bandmates.  We’ve decided on the following things:

  1. The main character’s name shall be Abram. We have our reasons.
  2. Abram has a wife and 2 kids. Maybe boys. Maybe who cares.
  3. Abram drinks whiskey and plays banjo all the time.

I took these details and ran with it for a while.  Stick with me folks, this is kind of out there.

Abram is a pretty average dude, with a pretty average life in good ol’ Appalachia. He loves his wife and kids dearly, but his life lacks purpose.  This all changes late one night by the fire, however, when he is visited by a mysterious apparition.

Abram is alone, drunk off his ass, and plucking away at the banjo when a man who resembles Jesus appears to him.

Hi, I’m Jesus,” he says…or something along those lines.

This man claiming to be Jesus is actually Satan, or perhaps a lesser demon of some sort. I’m not sure yet, but the point is he’s not the messiah.  Let’s call him… well, let’s just call him “Jesus” for now.

seems legit...

So “Jesus” explains that Abram’s beloved wife is carrying the antichrist in her womb, and to prevent certain apocalypse, Abram must kill her.

Naturally, Abram is quite skeptical at first, but is eventually convinced by the Devil’s cunning. Our protagonist takes one last swig of moonshine, and heads into the house to off his sleeping bride.

heeeereess Abram!

Committing this heinous deed overwhelms Abram, and he starts to lose grip on reality and morality. Completely consumed with this God-given task, he decides to kill his children as well, because they share his wife’s blood.  When in doubt, they say…

So, that’s where we are currently.

Good song material?  Well, yes, I think that’s obvious.
But is it black metal?  You tell me.

We have a man committing murder in the name of Jesus, when he’s actually doing it for Lucifer. I think there are plenty of implications here, none of which I will discuss. I’ll leave that to the audience.

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5 thoughts on “Solidifying a Storyline, Part 1

  1. Roscoe says:

    I for one think this is a pretty good storyline, any lyric fragments coming to mind as of yet? I think the vocal elements of this fusion blend you’re trying hinge on finding a vocalist(s) that can go from gut-wrenching scream to heart-twisting mournful ballad. I’m excited to hear what all the talent associated with this project bring.

  2. blood and banjos says:

    thanks! there a few fragments in mind, but nothing cohesive yet. i usually let the music and feel drive the words so we still have a ways to go!

    the vocal demands are high indeed. we have metal’s scream, bluegrass’s singing/harmonies, and I imagine we’ll bring in some strong clear-throated singing as well, similar to some more emo strains of music.

  3. Awesome sauce! I dig it! Abram is an awesome name for a lead character too!

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