More Talent

Good news! I’ve been scouting out friends with musical talent, and have made a few more recruits. Allow me to introduce Amanda, Drew, and Carter.

Amanda is our first female vocalist, and has experience arranging acapella music. I think she has some good ideas for the project as well, so she’ll make a valuable addition to the team!

Drew is a lifelong friend that was also in my previous band with Patrick and Jake. He’ll be able to add some guitar and vocals (he can hit a pretty awesome low scream.) It’ll be nice to be working with the old bandmates again!

I got in touch with Carter after I saw he posted the video below (relish the facial expressions.) Fiddle? Yes, please. Back in the day my band played a show or two with Carter’s band, Exclamatron, in Northern Michigan. Glad to see we’re all still going!

Check out their added bios on the Musicians Involved page.

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