The Plot Thickens

I think it’s pertinent to share some recent conversations I’ve had with Andrew.

So far, we’ve determined that this is going to be a story album.  We’ll have a main character who lives in the backwoods Appalachian hills, but that’s not much on its own…

m: maybe the main guy’s wife becomes possessed, so he has to kill her. then murders his children just to be sure
a: and drinks moonshine
m: and plays banjo
the nearby town doesn’t understand though, and forms a lynch mob
and a glorious gory battle ensues!
a: i like it!
m: how does it end though?
a: apocalypse!!!!

Fair enough, Andrew.  Fair enough…

m: ok… i was thinking he kills everyone in town, then it ends with him making his way to the next town. but maybe his battle is joined with demons, and brings about the birth of the antichrist?
…from his dead wife!?
a: could be hard song material… but I think we can do it
gotta start somewhere
m: hm, what if at first, the guy thinks his wife is pregnant with the antichrist…but she is normal and innocent when he kills her
then later on
she comes back, and there is another duet with the undead wife?
a: i like it

Sometimes I get concerned with my weird imagination… Regardless, I think we have a bit more direction now.  I’ll get to thinking about the characters, where we want to take this story, and how we can make it more black metal. Eventually, substance and meaning might be important… but I suppose we can get to that later.

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3 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens

  1. Can’t wait to see more of the plan. I’m a bluegrass lover, not so much metal. But this looks like a fun and interesting venture in trying to blend two opposites of music and inspriation. How much more opposite can you get than satanic metal and bluegrass (which is based partly on gospel)? This torment and fight between good and evil. Dark and light. Sick and beautiful. Keep thinking and creating. Art is a beast all itself. Let it flow.

    • I’m glad you’re interested, and I really appreciate the encouragement! Perhaps I’ll have to make a point to really play to the opposites here, and bring out the contrast. Highlighting the differences while blending them… Maybe we’ll even make a metal fan out of you in the end, too 😉

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