New Recruits!

Though I may be driven, there is no way I could take on this project by myself.  I do play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele, and some keys, but that only gets us so far.  If you recall from our lesson on bluegrass, we will need someone to play the banjo, the mandolin, and the fiddle.  Additionally, proper metal (black or not) requires a very capable drummer. Although I don’t know anyone that looks like this guy, unfortunately.

(ok, ok, I know this is Slipknot, but you can’t deny that this guy’s got talent. Don’t trust my opinion?)

And vocals! Let us not forget the vocals!  I’d really like to have a number of vocalists for this effort.  Male and female harmonies are a must for the bluegrass parts. We’re gonna need a couple good screamers as well, and maybe someone who can throw in a low growl when the time is right.

So, I can actually manage to hold a note once in a while, but I am certainly not cut out to lead a banjocore song.  My good friend Patrick, however, was one of 2 lead singers in my previous band and definitely has the range needed for this project.  Naturally, I emailed him not long ago and it sounds like he’s in.  It helps that he also plays the guitar and has been dabbling with the banjo quite a bit lately.

I’m also hoping to get some help from his brother Dan, who plays banjo for a up-and-coming band in Brooklyn. Their first music video is below. Patrick actually co-directed this with Dan.

As for drums, well, it’s a no-brainer.  My old drummer Jake can do just about anything percussive, and very well.  As a music teacher back in Michigan, he’s also the most musically involved of any of my friends.  Of course, he’s more than willing to lay down some metalgrass tracks as needed.

To recap, here’s the Blood and Banjos cast and crew as of today:

  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar: Me
  • Bass: Andrew
  • Drums: Jake
  • Vocals/Banjo/Guitar: Patrick
  • Banjo: Dan

I’ve added this information to the “Musicians Involved” tab in the left menu, as well as an “About this Project” tab.  Check them out and let me know what’s missing!

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