A Story, A Story

Andrew and I have had a few more discussions, and things are definitely starting to take shape.

m: lyrics are gonna be tough as well…what do we write about??
a: i don’t know moonshine, women and mass murder
m: the manifestation of satan’s will in the happenings on a remote prairie?
a: no, back woods Appalachian hills
m: ok
m: thats right
m: maybe it should be a concept album?
m: i think 5 songs is a good goal
a: i’m good with concept, we should write a story, make it a story album

So there it is, folks.  Our goal is to tell a story: one worthy of good ol’ fashioned blackgrass accompaniment.  Apparently this entails moonshine, women, and mass murder?  …I suppose we can work out the details later.  Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I think we should discuss bluegrass and black metal, and how we’re going to merge them.  Especially because I’ve never written either kind of music!  Oh boy, this should be interesting…

Check back next week… I think I’m gonna aim for 2 posts a week after this if that sounds good?

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