But, Where to Start?

Alright, so this is definitely happening. I’m decided on this. But where do we take this idea? And how do we achieve whatever goals we set? Logistics are going to be a nightmare, as every musician I know who might be interested in collaborating currently lives in a different state. But with determination and time I think it’s completely feasible.

As an example, I present this song I wrote a few weeks ago.  First, I recorded an acoustic guitar track on garage band (top of the line software, I know.)  I then sent the track to my friend Jake to add percussion.  Even with a metronome I barely stayed on the count, but he did his best to match my erratic tempo.  Finally, our friend Patrick put a few finishing touches with electric guitar.  This track is clearly very far from polished, but it demonstrates that I can write a song in California, have drums recorded in Michigan, and have electric guitar added in New York.  (Still needs some vocals though…)

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But let’s discuss the [potentially more difficult] musical aspect of this endeavor. Combining drastically different musical genres can be tricky, but it’s certainly not impossible. Mashups such as gypsy+punk, irish folk+rock, and rap+metal have long ago permeated through mainstream music. Slightly less popular combinations such as latin+hardcore (Puya), jazz+metal, and rap+bluegrass, have also been successful. Hell, even metalgrass (or bluemetal, or blackgrass, etc.) has been done before! I think we can manage this. But this thought also leads me to the question: how is this going effort going to be special?
What will set us apart?

Well, in a business plan, having an edge on the competition is of prime importance. Artistic endeavors though? Not the same… When it comes to art, one simply has to stay true to oneself and one’s interests. Focusing on what makes one popular or more marketable is, of course, what we call selling out.  No way.  We are going to do this solely because it sounds fun. Also we plan on eventually spinning this into a broadway musical.

Anyhow, combining bluegrass and black metal will certainly be a challenge, but by itself is perhaps not enough of an achievement.  We will put more thought into this…  Stay tuned.

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The Birth of Something Good

Something quite amazing happened the other day. During a conversation with my friend Andrew, we came up with a brilliant, but probably horrible, idea. We are going to combine black metal with bluegrass. The goal is to write and record an album under the project name Blood and Banjos. For now, this is all we know, but it is enough…

a: there’s a free blue grass concert in golden gate coming up
m: nice…hadn’t heard of it
a: supposed to be pretty sweet. I think it is in oct. you should try to make that
m: they’ll have some good americana too?
a: think they have a good smattering of everything
m: bluegrasscore? black&blue grass?
a: probably
m: haha
a: kick in the face grass
m: bloodgrass
a: banjos and blood
m: yess
a: so we need to start a band called blood and banjos
m: we could do this all via e-mail and make an album
a: nice, I am serious about this. this could be sweet!

So, here we are. Welcome to my blog!  I plan to chronicle the progression of this project whether it achieves glorious success, or fails in an apocalyptic manner.  Your job as a reader is to make sure we continue to work on this, and motivate us with your thoughts, ideas, or hellishly vehement criticism.  Thank you, and enjoy.

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